About Us

“Our Core Values”
In addition to offering comprehensive evaluation and treatment for low back, neck,
and other pain syndromes we believe....

Care must be provided in a compassionate, professional and friendly manner.
Care must not stop with a treatment or injection. Close follow-up is needed to insure
a successful recovery.

All treatments must be linked to careful clinical evaluation and provided in the context of a
functional restorative program.


When Results Mean Everything

The Pain & Spine Treatment Center provides comprehensive care to patients with painful conditions, including:

Spine, Back, Neck and Sciatica including Disk Herniation, Stenosis and Pain Following Spine Surgery

Joint Pain & Osteoarthritis

Headache, neck, thoracic and shoulder pain

Injuries to Soft Tissue, Muscle and Ligaments

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) a.k.a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – severe arm and/or leg pain




* The Pain & Spine Treatment Center accepts most Insurance and HMO Plans. Some Regenerative procedures may not be covered by insurance.